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Man-A-Fre: Built the Way Harold wanted

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

The unique and one-of-a-kind Man-A-Fre fuel system continues to survive the passing of Harold Graves. Slowly over the years contemporary and corrupted misinformation about this fuel system continued to be repeated.

Competent and professional long-time mechanics try their hand at modifications and operations. Installation of the unit is performed, but the recommendations are not followed, and the result is that the Man-A-Fre does not perform properly. In frustration, the unit gets the blame and is removed and put away, only to be forgotten.

The American Graffiti movie yellow coupe began to draw even more attention to the Man-

A-Fre fuel system. But over the years, these units have survived as shelf sitters, rinsed off barn finds, old dusty take offs, and wannabe cloned units only to be sold again and again.

Now working the old school way, and by following the methods and recommendations I learned from Harold Graves, I can continue to set the record straight by rebuilding or restoring these units as long as I can to keep the legacy of the legend alive.

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