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OFFY 4x2 (Fits 348 Chevy)

OFFY 4x2 (Fits 348 Chevy)


Old School Induction and 60’s style Man-A-Fre construction offers a look back in history with this 4-Deuce fuel system built on a Offenhauser Pacesetter manifold to fit a 348 Chevy.


Nostalgic hot rodding is not complete without the look of multiple carbs in plain view on an open hood roadster; it is eye candy that turns heads.

I have an NOS unpainted manifold available for sale. The carbs are modified the Man-A-Fre way. The fuel block, fuel lines, and linkage are all internally mounted.


The required special extended intake bolts are all included, along with bonnet-type air cleaners as pictured and the T-stat housing. My unique crossbar-type linkage controls the specially modified Rochester carbs to make this unit a strong performer or dependable daily driver.


This turnkey assembly is bench tuned and ready to bolt on; no modifications needed! My recommended installation tips and recommended tuning settings are included for maximum intended performance. I have engineered a time saver feature that will save you or your installer many hours!


To purchase, contact me via phone or email:

Tim Bowman

(951) 377-2245

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