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I'm Bob Brewer, long time Chevy guy, have had my 56 2 dr sedan(BA) since 12th grade(1977) and have nearly completed its latest re hab. Because I've been enamored with the American Graffitti coupe since seeing the move in the theathere , I've wanted a 4 x 2 intake and carbs ever since. I've wanted a man a fre, but cost have been an issue, I decided to take the plunge and bought a new offenhauser 4x 2 intake, and some rochestor 2 gv cores. Not long after I realized this was above my skill set/ I was in over my head. Luckily I'd exhanged some e mails w/ Tim B, and decided to contact him, He knew right a way what had to happen in order for me to have a functional set up, so I shipped my parts to him, and got a complete / turn key set up sent back to me. My goal is to buy a fiber glass 32 ford 5 window coupe body, and new manuf. chasis, so I can build my own 32 coupe. I've been collectig various parts for this project, while I'm waiting for my 56 to come back from the body/paint process. A big thank you to Tim B for all of the assistance/ support!!, When the time is right, I'll have my project 327 running and will update Tim on how things are going- thanks for listening!!

Robert Brewer

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